An Export Oriented Computerised
Elastick Yarn & Socks Manufacturer

About Us

Pegasus Hosiery

In 1961 we started operating in our very first factory, having huge ambition that we would become one of the largest manufacturers in Bangladesh. We had the drive and confidence.
Our factory now extends to 4320 Square fit. We use state of the art technology. We constanly monitor advance technology throughout the world and when necessary adapt rapidly.
Our product line is well sought in Bangladesh and we believe our products in 100% export quality. Our constantly increasing sales and goodwill and for that we have received best evidence of the high quality and wide range of products we offer. We have been manufacturing knitted socks for over 59 years and our production capacity has evolved to this day from the start.
Currently, we have a production capacity of 5,000 pair per day and 1,30,000 pair of socks per month as produce by 22 hours and we have 33 machines .These machines are single cylinder

Our Technologies

70 fully trained staffs run these machines to enable our high production capacity .Using the experience and knowledge of our 59 years, we are producing many modern and choice able design socks for customers services You can easily find our socks in the most prestigious chain stores in Bangladesh